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May 2014 Vol 3 No 5

Wildlife Painting, Equine Art and Sculpture

Cover Artist Bob Coonts  CFAI Interview Patricia Griffin,  VL Studio Features  Tony O'Connor, Jonelle T. McCoy, IEA Artists and Sarah Schryver.  VL Artists to Collect Becky Hicks, Bob Coonts, Lesley Humphrey, Laurie Pace    Artspan Artist Spotlight Sandy Moser Artspan Studio Visit  Michelle McCune  Gallery Visit Texas Davis and Company Art Gallery  Photographer Gary T. Postlethwait  CFAI Winter Juried Show First Place Tom Swearingen, Second Place Jennifer Maier, Third Place Annie O'Brien Gonzales. CFAI  Showdown,  winner Patricia Griffin  Artspan Newest Art  Blue Fire MacMahon  Rites of Spring First Place Valerie Travers

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Artists to Watch and Collect

Each Month Visual Language Magazine brings to you a diverse selection of art. In the front of each issue is a feature of Artists to Watch and Collect.

This month we are featuring:

Becky Hicks

Bob Coonts

Lesley Humphrey

 Laurie Pace

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Featuring Art from around the World 

A monthly contemporary fine art magazine created to bring art from around the world into your life.  Features include both artists and galleries throughout the world connecting together the artist, the gallery and the collector. Created for the sharing of the arts—Visual Language does exactly that. It brings you the art that tells the story. 

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Visual Language Magazine Vol 3 No 5 May 2014

Visual Language Magazine: Visual Language Magazine Vol 3 No 5 May 2014

Visual Language Magazine is a contemporary fine art magazine filled with dynamic international fine art, brilliant colors and stimulating composition. Cover Artist is Bob Coonts. Enjoy his bright contemporary artwork. Visual Language is the common connection around the world for art expressed…

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