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Visual Language Magazine Vol 4 No 3   March 2015

Featuring Figurative, Landscape and more

Cover Artist is Mary Jane Q Cross; Featured Artists Robert Duncan, Mary Jane Q Cross, David Francis, Barbara Rudolph and Sabine Barbar. 


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A monthly contemporary fine art magazine created to bring art from around the world into your life.  Features include both artists and galleries throughout the world connecting together the artist, the gallery and the collector. Created for the sharing of the arts—Visual Language does exactly that. It brings you the art that tells the story. 

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Visual Language Magazine Vol 4 No 3 March 2015

By Visual Language Magazine in Visual Language Magazine

136 pages, published 2/2/2015

Visual Language Magazine Contemporary Fine Art Vol 4 No 3 March 2015 features American Artist Robert Duncan, Mary Jane Q Cross, Canadian Artist David Francis, Barbara Rudolph, and South African Artist Sabine Barbar. This issues features figurative, Landscape and Realism. Visual Language is the common connection around the world for art expressed through every media and process. The artists connect through their creativity to the viewers by…